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Rabión Consultancy BV is an independent consultancy firm in Information and Communications Technology, based in the Netherlands. Rabión. We have the telecommunication expert knowledge and are skilled in business regulation and technology issues.

Our clients are Telecom Operators, Service Providers, Telecom Regulators, Telecom solution/equipment suppliers. We assist our clients by providing the expert advisory and implementation services how to deploy information and communications technology as enablers to reach business goals. 

The main areas of expertise that we work on are M2M/IoT, Number Portability and Numbering Management, Domain Naming, Network Interconnection, International Roaming, Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and wholesale, Mobile Communication (5G), Telecom and Data Infrastructure (FTTx, IP, and VoIP)

Recently we worked on several project on GDPR compliancy, business continuity and Security and Integrity regulation for telecommunication companies (5G Toolkit, Regeling Veiligheid en Integriteit Telecommunicatie RVIT).

The company Rabion Consultancy is founded in 1999 and privately owned by Raymond Bouwman. Rabión Consultancy is registered in the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (registration number 29049886).

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