examples of work

Here are examples of work of Rabión Consultancy



Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) Jordan

In a partnership with BidPai Consulting, Rabion Consultancy worked on Feasibility Study Number Portability Implementation  for the telecom regulator of Jordan. The feasibility study focused on:  Telecom market in Jordan, Analysis of Introduction of Fixed Number Portability and Mobile Number Portability in Jordan, Consequences on competition in mobile/fixed sectors of Jordan, Economic Considerations on Number Portability for Jordan. Project was executed February-May  2012.

ARUB0001Directie Telecommunicatie Zaken (DTZ),  Aruba

Consultancy for the Government of Aruba  regarding Mobile Country Codes (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC) and the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) plan for Aruba, including Publications for the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the ITU-T study group SG2 regarding the interpretation of the E.212 recommendation of ITU-T. The point of discussion was the  ‘extraterritorial’ use of the Mobile Country Code. The work involved support to the telecom regulator DTZ and expert advice in several court cases on this matter in Aruba. Project was executed between 2003 and 2007.

BHRN0001Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), Bahrain

Managing the development of Number Portability for the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2009/2010 for the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, including: Specification of NP system and processes (NP procedures, Routing and charging principles, Central NP System specification), Public Consultation and Tendering of the Central NP system.

NETH0001NP implementation, the Netherlands

Contribution to the Definition, specification and implementation of the Netherlands NP solution. This resulted in the NP federation (‘COIN’) of network operators (1998-2001). The work executed concerned the following tasks: Technical Specification of systems and processes, Definition of Guidelines for MNP implementation, Cost modeling for MNP charging between operators, Bid and delivery of central facilities ( NP database, Clearing House function), Coordination and review of documents, specifications, and Implementation at Network Operators

EUUN0001European Commission, Directorate CNECT

Providing Telecommunications Training to the European Commission, Directorate CNECT (previously INFSO). The training covers: Telecommunication Overview, Mobile technologies, Broadcast Technologies, Broadband Technologies, Satellite communication, Transport, Internet, Network Developments (NGN), Terminals, Standardization, Interconnection, Local Loop Unbundling. A first contract was awarded by the European Commission Directorate in 2010, and extension has been awarded in 2011 and 2012.

SURN0001Telecommunication Authority of Suriname (TAS) Suriname

This work consisted of three assignments that Rabión Consultancy worked on for TAS under the project ‘Strengthening the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Suriname’ (Project SU-M1001). The project was  funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). First assignment  Consultancy and Training in the field of ‘Numbering, Addressing and Domain names’ for the Telecommunication Authority of Suriname (TAS), including Number Portability.  Second assignment was a Study on the economic value of a broadband license in Suriname, and third assignment concerned Telecommunication technology Training and Consultancy. The assignments were executed between May 2010 and January 2011.

JAMA0001Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), Jamaica

The aim of the assignment ‘Automation of Numbering Administration functions´ was to undertake the development and implementation of a secure computer-based solution allowing web-based transaction processing for the automation of the Numbering Administration functions, including the administration of Toll-Free Numbers, in order to establish a more solid process for numbering management for the telecommunication market of Jamaica. The work consisted of delivering a User Requirements Document, a Technical Requirements Document, and a System Design Document. The project is part funded by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) operated by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) under the project ‘ATN/MT9350-JA, Strengthening Competition in Telecommunications: support to the Office of Utilities Regulation’. The project was executed between October 2011 and May 2011.

EUUN0001European Commission, Directorate CNECT

Study for the European Commission concerning data roaming services and the need for price regulation.  The assignment concerned a study for the European Commission to define and analyze: the European retail and wholesale market for data roaming services, the technology for data roaming services in mobile communication networks, the cost perspective for data roaming services. The study served as input for the Commission in reaching a decision concerning regulation of data roaming services. Study executed in corporation with the company Connect2Roam.

NETH0001MVNO implementations in Netherlands

Rabion Consultancy worked for network operator e.g. KPN, T-Mobile to design and implement Mobile Virtual Network Operators and Service Providers. This included the implementation of Mobile Number Portability for MVNOs. The implementations that we were involved in are e.g. Tele2, Elephanttalk, Rabobank Mobiel, Lycamobile, Simpel, Ben. In addition we worked at the Service Providers and MVNO  side e.g. for Dekatel Telecom, and Ziggo.



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