5G online training with Roamingwise

5G is gradually becoming the leading mobile communications
technology. In many countries spectrum has been made available
for network roll out. Join this course and learn all about the
evolution to 5G.

Click here to find the information about 5G online training that roamingwise is offering.

Raymond Bouwman is one of the trainers.

To register, please send email to info@roamingwise.com



Rabion’s Number Portability White Paper

Still many countries are facing the challenge of implementing Number Portability. In several countries that did implement Number Portability the telecom industry is seeking for improvement of the existing process in trying to reduce the number of rejected requests, in reaching higher efficiency and in shortening the lead time of the porting procedures.

In the whitepaper ‘Introduction to Number Portability  a detail analysis of all number portability aspect is described. If you have further questions please contact office@rabioph337.337.axc.nl


BEREC consultation ‘Roaming Decoupling’

BEREC pas published the consultation document and the consultation Guideline for ‘Roaming Decoupling'(Separate Sale of roaming services) for the new regulatory measures for the EU to be implemented as of July 2014.

Here is the link to the documents.

If you are in need of support concerning International Roaming  and Roaming Decoupling contact us at office@rabioph337.337.axc.nl


Rabion offers new Number Portability Course program

We have renewed the Number Portability Course. New is that the course is now split in a basics training (1 day) and 3 expert sessions (half day each) about Central Database solution, Legal and Economics, and Network Routing and Charging.

The brochure is available. The course is provided in-house (network operators, regulators), there is no open registration. Please contact office@rabioph337.337.axc.nl for more information.

Download the brochure Number Portability training