Roaming Decoupling (separate sale of EU roaming) Workshop


The separate sale of regulated roaming services (‘decoupling’) by an alternative roaming provider (ARP) shall enable customers to access regulated voice, SMS and data roaming services independent from their Domestic Provider. This is the result of regulatory measures that have been adopted in the European Union and that will become effective in July 2014.

Rabion Consultacy has developed a 1-day workshop about this subject. In short the program is as follows:

1) Overview of the EU Regulation for Decoupling, Status of the BEREC Guidelines, Status of the Specification process

2) What are the two methods (LBO, Single IMSI) and how do they work?

3) What are the other methods for Roaming Decoupling (e.g. Dual IMSI,   Single IMSI+)

4) What are the opportunities and the threats? Who will benefit?

5) Detail analysis of the Decoupling Implementation

5) Roaming Decoupling and the reprogrammable SIM (eUICC) as a future scenario

6) LTE and the Local Break Out (LBO) scenario

7) Analysis of other related issues (Single EU market, Changes in IMSI allocation national and international, M2M developments

8)  Decoupling outside EU?

If you have further questions or if wish to receive to receive a proposal, please contact


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